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Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine will significantly impact what we do and how we do it within the next 5 years
Dermatology Times, May 2021

How it works

Acorn partner clinics handle client sales and collection appointments. Acorn covers the rest.

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Cell Collection

Clinic staff collect cells by plucking hair from the side and back of the head in a simple non-invasive 20 minute procedure. Samples are then stored in the fridge for pick-up.

Storage and Transportation

Acorn arranges courier pick up within 24 hours and is transported to our lab in temperature controlled environment.

Viability Analysis

Upon arrival at our lab, the collection is examined and a report confirming viability is sent to the patient.

Cryogenic Storage

Cells are separated into multiple vials and are frozen at a temperature below -190°C, stopping cell aging.

Access in the Future

Clients are in control of their cells and can access them for any approved application. As a vial is retrieved for use, a portion of cultured cells will be refrozen to maintain stock.

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