Keep your best cells on ice.
Preservation is the best preparation.

Aging isn’t inevitable.

You can stop the effects of aging by cryogenically preserving your cells. Freezing these cells at -196ºC completely stops cell metabolism and preserves them in a younger state.

Younger cells, younger results.

You'll never be younger than you are right now. Banking your cells today means you can take
a younger resource into the future. These cells can provide more regenerative potential to heal our bodies when we need it the most.

Prepared for the future.

With cryogenic storage, your valuable cells are protected from environmental factors and cell degradation. This gives you perfectly preserved cells to access in the years, and even decades, to come.

Image of a young cell, full of colourImage of a young cell, full of colour
It only takes 30 minutes.

The cell collection procedure often takes just 30 minutes, where a trained professional plucks 50 fully intact hair follicles. It’s straightforward, non-invasive and without any significant pain or side-effects.


Save your best cells from aging today.

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