Regenerative Cell Source

The follicle is packed with regenerative potential.
Stem cells, skin cells, growth factors, and much more.

A diverse cell source.

The hair follicle contains not only valuable stem cells but also your own skin and tissue cells. This opens up a wide range of uses in this perfect package of cells. 

Personalized regenerative medicine.

The cells found in your hair follicle are a powerful resource for regenerative medicine, demonstrating potential for skin care, hair loss, injury recovery and even help treat disease.

Abundant, non-invasive and easily accessed.

The hair follicle can be collected in a simple non-invasive procedure, taking only 30 minutes. It’s the most convenient way to preserve your own stem cells.

Image of a young cell, full of colourImage of a young cell, full of colour
It only takes 30 minutes.

The cell collection procedure often takes just 30 minutes, where a trained professional plucks 50 fully intact hair follicles. It’s straightforward, non-invasive and without any significant pain or side-effects.


Save your best cells from aging today.

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