Your Own Cells

There are over 70 trillion DNA combinations.
Only one is perfectly matched to you.

Your cells make up who you are.

Every tissue and cell in our body has our unique genetic code, and reintroducing your own perfectly matched cells is fully compatible with our genetics and eliminates any risk of rejection.

Perfectly matched to your unique qualities.

There’s a subtle mix of color, texture and tone to our skin and hair. Our genetics are the source of these qualities. When you use your own cells in regenerative treatments, you’ll have a perfect match to your unique features.

No risk or rejection.

Our immune system is highly tuned to fight foreign substances, even other cells. By using your own younger cells, your body will welcome them back without any risk of rejection or need to manage complications that come with donor cells and immunosuppressants.

Image of a young cell, full of colourImage of a young cell, full of colour
It only takes 30 minutes.

The cell collection procedure often takes just 30 minutes, where a trained professional plucks 50 fully intact hair follicles. It’s straightforward, non-invasive and without any significant pain or side-effects.


Save your best cells from aging today.

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