The best anti-aging resource is your own younger cells.

The most important ingredient in medicine will soon be your own cells. Studies have shown our cells have the power to help regrow hair, replenish skin, repair damage, and even regenerate tissue.

But the clock is ticking.

Image of a person storing your cells in a cryogenic freezer
a woman applying eye cream to her under eyes and a man looking at his receding hairline in the mirror

As we age, so do our cells, and over time they become more damaged and less capable. This means that when we need our cells the most, they may be too old and ineffective to receive the full benefits or regenerative treatments.

Acorn can help. We collect and cryogenically freeze your own cells, sources non-invasively from hair follicles. This completely halts the effects of aging, providing you a collection of your own younger cells, ready for the future of regenerative medicine.

image of our stem cell kit used to harvest your cells

Bank your younger cells with acorn and prepare for the future of regenerative treatments.

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