Prepare for skin and hair rejuvenation, powered by your own younger cells.

Save your cells
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The Problem

The signs of aging are everywhere.

Fine lines, thinning hair, and a loss of youthful vitality. It all becomes more prominent with age. But what if your own cells were the key to looking younger and living healthier?

The future of anti-aging is powered by you.

Preparing for a new era of aesthetics

Todays aesthetic treatments can do a lot to help you manage the effects of aging.

But what if you could stop your cells from aging, and leverage them in the future? 

Aged Skin


Collagen and elastin in the skin plummets.


With age, skin cells being to lose their ability to regenerate and function effectively.

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Aged Skin


Collagen and elastin in the skin plummets.


With age, skin cells being to lose their ability to regenerate and function effectively.

Sun Damage


Harmful UV rays and free radicals damage skin structure.


The cells accumulate DNA damage which cannot be reversed.

Hair Loss


Lack of hair growth on certain parts of the scalp.


Hair follicle stem cells diminish and prevent new hair from growing. .

Introducing Acorn Cell Preservation
Acorn cryogenically
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stores your own follicle cells
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stopping the effects of aging, so you can leverage powerful younger cells in future treatments
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Why the hair follicle?
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Getting ahead of Aging

Thanks to the advances in science, we have been able to leverage our own cells to solve the underlying issues of aging.

The Old Way
The New Way
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The ideal resource for skin and hair.

Cell treatments will only be as powerful as the cells you use. Diverse cells found in the hair follicle are the ideal starting point.

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Exosomes and Growth Factors

Extracellular vesicles that contain proteins, DNA and RNA. They have an extraordinary ability to promote healing and regeneration.

Primary Cells

Epidermal keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts are found in the follicle. These cells are important building blocks for our skin and hair.

Stem Cells

As we age the number of adult stem cells declines continually. By harvesting skin and follicle stem cells now, we save these cells for future reintroduction and rejuvenation.

Potential applications

Research has shown that the diverse cells stored with Acorn have the potential to be applied in multiple ways.

To rejuvenate

Enhanced topical applications

Isolated growth factors could enhance existing cells with topical skin treatments.

To replenish

Treatments and injectables

Leveraging your own growth factors with treatments that reach deeper into your skin.

To regenerate

Tissue replacement and regrowth

Cell expansion and reprogramming has the potential to regenerate skin tissue and recover lost hair production.

But the clock is ticking

Save your best cells from aging today

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