Hit pause on skin aging.

New treatments to reverse the signs of aging are coming quickly, and your own younger cells are the key ingredient.

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Hit rewind on hair loss.

New regenerative treatments to recover hair loss are coming quickly, and your own younger follicles are the key ingredient.

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But the clock is ticking

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As you age, changes in your skin and cells contribute to the effects of aging.

  • Collagen production decreases by 1% each year.
  • Epidermal thickness decrease by 6.2% every decade.
  • Hyaluronic acid production reduced to 50% by age 50.
  • Skin turnover takes 40 to 60 days in the elderly compared with 28 days in young adults.

What if we could stop the effects of aging,

And have access to younger cells for regenerative skin treatments?

Image of the top cover of a container holding harvested cellsImage of the bottom of a container holding harvested cells
This is where Acorn cell banking comes in.
We freeze your healthy follicles, so you can leverage younger cells to get the most out of regenerative hair treatments.

Here’s how it works

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The number 1

You’re experiencing the effects of aging in your skin and you want to prepare for the future by preserving your cells with Acorn.

The number 2

A clinician will pluck 50 healthy follicles from the back and sides of the head and send the collection of cells to the Acorn lab.

image of our stem cell kit used to harvest your cells
Image of a person storing your cells in a cryogenic freezer
The number 3

Your cells are analyzed for viability then cryogenically stored at -196° Celsius to stop the effects of aging.

step 4

These cells remain safely frozen and ready to access for applicable regenerative skin treatments.

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Potential applications

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Leverage your own younger cells to replenish elements of the skin that diminish with age.

microscopic image of stem cells

Use stem cells populations from the hair follicle for regenerative medicine.

An older woman receiving an injection of a skincare treatment

Enhancing existing topical or injectable treatments with elements sourced from your younger cells.

The future of anti-aging skin care is powered by you.

Take the first step in preparing for regenerative anti-aging treatments by banking your follicles today with Acorn.

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“As you age, your follicles start to lose their regenerative potential. Stem cell activity slows down, your hair begins to thin and the follicles ability to regrow starts to diminish.”

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