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Stem Cells 101

Stem cells are immature cells in your body that can grow into many other types of cells. Think of stem cells as young “children''; very...

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5 Ways to Boost Your Longevity

Lifespan is the total number of years you will live, while healthspan is the total number of years you will live in good health. In...

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Treating Age Related Hair Loss and Alopecia

Will there soon be a cellular based treatment for hair loss? Scientists are working towards regrowing hair and curing male pattern baldness. Read more on...

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Recent Advances in Regenerative Medicine

In older age there is the risk of non-healing fractures. Scientists have recently found a way to engineer cells to have bone-regenerative properties.

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How to Prepare for Hearing Loss

Unfortunately we can lose our hearing throughout the course of our life from loud noises, disease, and of course aging. Inner ear hearing loss is...

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How to Interpret Your Cell Viability Report

The image attached to your viability report is a picture of your hair follicle! This image is used as part of our viability assessment and...

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